With the increased level of technology, most people have realized the benefits of owning websites for their businesses. A website acts as a great platform to showcase the company’s products and services. Coming up with a good domain name is very important. It helps to attract a potential audience to your site since the domain clearly talks about what the website is concerned with. A domain either attracts or sends your audience away since it creates either a positive or a negative impression of your site. Therefore, you should select the domain name wisely, to ensure that it communicates well to your audience. 

Best Tips to Select Your Domain for Your Startup

Finding a perfect domain name for your business startup is vital. To come up with a great domain, you need to apply various tips, which are as discussed below. 

Make Sure that it is Easy to Memorize

An attractive domain will easily be remembered by most people. When you share it among friends, they will hardly forget it, which means they will visit your website often. As well, it should make sense. For instance, if you want a website related to travel, it should have an interesting name that is great for people to use and remember. 

Keep it Simple and Short

A domain name is the one you will be using to market your startup. You should, therefore, consider making the domain as short as possible and relevant to your startup. Long domains can be tiresome to type, and at times a customer can mistype. A short domain even fits perfectly in your startup business card for marketing purposes as well. 

 Choose the Right Domain Extension

A .com domain is ideally good for any kind of a startup business. However, you can choose from other available extensions e.g. .info, .org, .gov, .edu, .gobal, .app among others. If your startup will be informational based, then you can consider .info. For a startup organization, you may consider using .org extension for your domain name. biz is also a common extension used in an e-commerce website. 


Ask yourself related questions for your startup. For example, what will you be dealing with? Which services or products will you be dealing with? These kind of questions will assist you in coming up with the best keywords that can be used in the domain name. This will bring the relevance in your startup domain name. With the help of online name generators, you will also get ideas for your startup. 

Therefore, all the above tips are helpful while selecting your domain. You should do thorough research to ensure that your name is unique and it has no copyright. You can do this by visiting major sites that deal with domain selling such as GoDaddy, where you check whether the name is available. After finding a domain, you should always buy it quickly, since it might be taken by someone else. After doing all this, you will be able to come up with a perfect domain. Jump to top