Are you actively trying to demystify all of the questions regarding expired domains and how they affect your search engine optimization metrics? 

Many web entrepreneurs struggle with the idea of registering a new domain name versus purchasing a previously used domain name for their SEO strategies. 

The benefits of registering an expired domain are twofold. On one hand, you have a domain that’s rememberable enough that someone else registered it. On the other hand, your domain name could be preestablished, providing you with free traffic and backlinks. 

Before we dive any further, let’s look at the backbone of SEO metrics. 

Backlinks: The Main Driver in Buying Expired Domains

What can an organization accomplish by purchasing an expired domain? The main driver in buying an expired domain name is the backlinks that might be attached to this pre-existing domain name. 

For example, if the person who registered the domain before you had other websites linking back to that domain, it could potentially help your new website when it comes to ranking more rapidly in search engines. 

Finding backlinks for expired domains is easy. Websites exist that help you find a domain’s backlinks such AHREF’s backlink checker. 

Backlink checking tools can help you gauge whether or not an expired domain has quality backlinks pointing towards the domain. If you are able to find backlinks with high Google PR scores that point toward your desired domain name, you could potentially catapult your SEO ranking to the top of specific search engine result pages. 

Do Expired Domains Ever Hurt SEO Campaigns?

If you are beginning your journey on deciphering whether or not expired domain names are right for you, it’s not uncommon to ask if expired domain names can actually hurt your SEO campaign. 

The simple answer is yes, it’s possible. 

Why? Not all expired domains are created equally. Some domain names were registered with nefarious reasons and if your domain name has been used to send spam or if your domain name is on a real-time blacklist (RBL), it’s entirely possible that an expired domain could hurt your SEO campaign. 

It is important to perform your due diligence when attempting to registered expired domain names to boost your SEO scores. If you are utilizing domains that have been previously used for viruses, spam or malware, you would never want to register and use these expired domains. 

Strategies for Getting the Most from your Expired Domains

Most of the time, it isn’t enough to just grab an expiring domain name and point the domain to your website in order to gain any potential traffic. 

Most SEO engineers agree that the best way to get the most from your expired domains is to simply contact the website hosting the old backlink and see if they will edit the link to point to the appropriate page on your website. 

Most of the time, the webmaster will reply to you and gladly fix the broken link. Having broken links on their website is usually a negative mark in terms of their SEO rankings, so your friendly email to the webmaster could help both sites in terms of SEO. Jump to top