This article describes various attributes that will make your Word press theme great. They are as follows: 

• Web hosting, performance and speed 

A great word press theme ought to ensure fast page loading. Though a theme is not totally responsible for the time of page loading but it plays an essential role on how slow or fast a page loads. You need to ensure that the theme which you choose is well optimised and clean. The vendor of the theme can do some of the optimising. After buying your theme check it if it has tuned plugins and test it before you pay for it. You should also be careful to have a look at its performance and speed if you can do so. 

• Is it SEO –Friendly? 
This is another factor which you should consider when you are looking for a great word press theme. The theme should be SEO friendly. The theme ought to be well coded to make it easier for web crawlers to access and go over it… It is always advisable to conduct a test using the W3C Mark-up Validation. A point to note is that not all warnings provided by the mark-up validation test are valid or critical. 

• Customisability 
When taking of customisability, this mainly refers to the ability to customise your word press theme. You should understand this aspect correctly; not all aspects of the theme have to be customizable. Customisability, in this case, means the ability to make or adjust some changes in the right amounts to create a unique and different look. It also involves the ability to add some other elements which will enhance the experience of the user. The main goal of customising your blog is to make it have a different look form the same used by different users. 

• Mobile Friendliness 
You should ensure that your blog theme is compatible with almost all the mobile devices ranging from Android versions to iPhones. This is because many internet users use mobile rather than desktop; hence it is essential to make your theme mobile friendly. Make your blog responsive and design a display layout which is appealing and suitable for the mobile phone. 

• Browser compatibility 
Another factor which makes your word press theme a great one is the browser compatibility. Your theme should be compatible with all the popular web browsers. The theme you design should be cross-compatible as different web browsers and browsers are different in term soft how they render various blogs and websites. Some themes appear bigger in other browsers while others appear smaller. So it is a factor to consider when designing your word press theme. 

Distinctive and Intuitive Appearance 
It is important to put in mind that selecting a theme is mostly about designing a certain look which is appealing. And that is why it is essential to choose a theme that is different and can be distinguished from others since people like uniqueness. It should be simple and easy to operate and lay the button plugs properly to make its operation simple.